The Power Of Confidence


All my life I have been hung up on questions of how can I fit in? How can I get myself to look like that or how much weight do I need to lose to be considered skinny? It consumed my life because I didn’t feel good in my own skin and the only way I felt like I was moving forward was to try to answer those questions.

It took me 6 years to figure out my way of thinking was all-wrong. I finally realized that spending all my time wondering how I can be a certain way was getting me nowhere.

Why do we have to be a size 2 or why do we have to be a certain number on the scale? What does that even mean or represent? Well you may think to yourself, I will be happy when I hit that number on the scale or fit into a small size. Let me tell you something, you won’t be happier. In fact, you will be even more lost.

As some of you may know from reading my blog on my life story, I was overweight most of my life and then I took it to the extreme and became underweight. I had reached that size 2 pants I had always dreamed about, but guess what? I wasn’t happy because all I had to show for it were pants that made me look like I was 10 years old and a number on the scale.

That’s when I began to think, why did I waste my time thinking I needed to be this way? I thought for sure I would feel great and walk with my head held high. I still had no confidence, so whether I was a size 16 or a size 2, I still walked with my head down. It changed absolutely nothing.

What I am trying to preach to all you ladies is that it’s not always about losing weight or being the fittest one in your class. It’s about finding your best self, the self where you feel most confident. Confidence and weight loss aren’t 100% correlated. My advice to you is to work hard at a goal that is going to make you better. If you make your goal all about the way you look and a number on the scale, you will never be happy and you will drive yourself crazy in the process. Composition goals are great, because obviously if you look good you feel good, but there are other goals in addition to focus on that will make you feel accomplished. 99% of the time those goals will get you to your composition goals, but you wont drive yourself nuts staring at the scale every day.

Because at the end of the day, who says we have to look or be a certain way? We should be who we want to be in the most confident way possible.

For the past couple months I have watched the women in my class walk into the gym. Each day they come in, I can see more confidence. I can’t tell you how fulfilling that is to watch them come in every day with their head held a little higher. That is what life is about. Becoming more confident and comfortable in your own skin each day. Being better than you were yesterday. These women work their tail off and I know that they leave the gym everyday feeling accomplished and empowered. They all have something to show for their success that’s meaningful. For example, one of the girls was petrified of jumping on a box. The first day she was afraid of jumping over a barbell an inch off the ground. Now she is doing 18-inch box jumps and absolutely killing it! It is things like that that builds confidence in our every day lives. Not only self-success but also the success of the group as a whole has built confidence. Nothing makes me happier then seeing women cheer for each other’s success.

This is what I live for. This is what I love and I hope each day I am able to help women see what they are capable of and be..well just awesome!!!


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