What made you click on this blog? Was it because you want to lose weight and get rich? Or was it the fact that you can get rich and lose weight FAST? Yes I tricked you, I don’t have a solution to making lots of money or losing weight fast but I wanted to raise a point. As a society we are always looking for the quickest and easiest way to get what we want. We are attracted to adjectives like “fast” and “easy” because who wants to work hard and wait for what they want??

..And that’s the problem. We have lost the concept of hard work and patience. Let me save you some time and money, nothing and I mean nothing will make you lose weight besides hard work. In terms of getting rich, very rarely do you get an opportunity handed to you to make a lot of money without the foundation of hard work. I guess if you win the lotto you could, but I wouldn’t factor that into your 5 year plan.

Companies advertise using words like fast and easy to grab your attention, just like I did with this blog. If something sounds too good to be true, 99.9% of the time it is. Here’s a conclusions I’ve come up with about taking the quick and easy way out (remember this is MY opinion):

It may be fast, but it will never last. Taking weight loss supplements MIGHT result in weight loss in the beginning (probably due to loss of water weight) but there is no magical pill to sustain weight loss. Don’t you think if there was a successful, sustainable weight loss supplement everyone would know about it? You can’t take a weight loss pill your whole life and I guarantee you whatever quick fix you are taking, once you stop you will gain the weight back, maybe even plus.

Nothing beats hard work. Nothing feels better than accomplishing your goal from working your ass off. Not only will you be more proud and confident, but you will inspire others. What’s more inspiring, telling everyone that you took a pill to drop the pounds, or that you worked your tail off to do it? Be an inspiration to others, don’t cheat yourself.

Respect patience. You won’t get to your goal weight overnight. I know this can be frustrating but I promise you if you add patience to your hard work, you will get there. One of the ways I help my clients understand patients is taking progression photos. Even though they may not be at their goal, they will visually see that they are progressing. Seeing results will help keep you motivated.

Cheaters never win. Taking the easy way out shows you’re weak. You don’t want to work hard so you will cheat your way to success. This goes for anything, not just weight loss. Stop complaining and start doing. Don’t procrastinate and don’t wish for something you can have if you put some effort in. Working hard for something shows character, strength and resilience. We only have one life to show what we got, so bring it!

Although I did not give you the secret to getting fit and rich fast, I hope I was able to display the reality of it all. The reality that in life, if we want something, we have to go out and get it. Work hard and inspire others along the way. If you are patient and determined you can do anything you put your mind to!




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