Motivation Monday: Interview with Season 11 Biggest Loser Contestant Austin Andrews


NBC’s show The Biggest Loser just wrapped up its 15th season. For those who are not familiar with the show, it is a weight-loss game show that features a group of contestants playing for the title of being The Biggest Loser.  Along with the title of being The Biggest Loser, the contestants are competing for a grand prize of $250,000. Each contestant is put through an extensive exercise and diet plan to lose weight. The competitor with the lowest weight loss percentage each week is eliminated off the show and continues their weight loss journey at home for the at-home prize. At the finale, all the participants are invited back to show the world their weight loss success and watch as one contestant is crowned the Biggest Loser Winner (hehe love the pun!)

 I have been a big fan of the show since the first season premiered. Although the incentive is the cash prize, many of the contestants enter the ranch with the most important mission of losing weight. They are given a great opportunity to change their life around with the help of nutritional and training experts. This show is meant to promote healthy life style changes for the contestants and viewers watching. It is not meant to promote losing weight the way the contestants do on the show.

 Many of my clients tell me they get discouraged because they see these contestants on the show dropping weight in the double digits each week at the weigh in. We have to recognize that the life style on the ranch is not reality. We only see snips of what goes on at The Biggest Loser ranch. It might seem like they only did a 1 hour grueling workout, when in fact they have been working out for the entire day. This show is meant to motivate individuals to make a change, not to make us feel bad that we aren’t dropping 10 pounds in one week. Although they were given a privilege to be on the show, the struggle of weight maintenance after the show is real.  They are brought back into reality and have to deal with all the stresses of life just like the rest of us. It is not what they do on the show that makes them successful; it is what they do with what they have learned after the show has ended.

 I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite contestants on the show, Austin Andrews, from season 11. He ended the season with a total weight loss percentage of 43.94%. Besides being my crush of season 11, Austin stood out to me because he was a true fighter. He was a role model to America because he showed such passion in making a lifestyle change.  After the season ended, Austin took that passion and made it into a career. He now owns his own company with his father and travels the world promoting healthy life style changes. Thanks so much again to Austin for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope it inspires all of you as much as it inspired me.

 Interview with Austin Andrews:

 What was your biggest struggle coming home from the ranch?

 Coming home was a rude awakening. I had come from this life where all I did for weeks on week on months was workout, eat right, stare at camera’s. When I got home, I had to go to work and make a living and go to church and spend time with people, and suddenly I struggled to manage my time. In my opinion, this was a natural struggle of growing up. Time Management. I still struggle to have great days and just good days in time management, but thus is life.

 What was a typical day at the ranch like?

 Days on the ranch were long. My dad and I would awaken around 5:30 in the morning. We would start walking/jogging and then have breakfast. After that, depending on the shooting schedule, we would head to the gym for a few hours of workouts. Then we’d have time with camera’s and lunch and then an afternoon workout and then some time to rest and then more time walking and doing steady state cardio. Our day would end between 10pm and 11pm and then we’d go to sleep and start it all over again.

 Who was your biggest motivator on the ranch?

 I think my biggest motivation was knowing that I would be accountable for my work given my weight loss at the end of the week. It wasn’t a fear motivation, but a healthy accountability

 Who was your biggest motivator when you got home from the ranch?

 he biggest Motivator since the show has been to help others. I am by no means perfect, and I have dealt with bad relationships and worse breakups and emotional eating and weight gain, so by no means do I call myself a master of my health, nor am I the same size as I was when I left the Biggest Loser. Truly, I wake up and want to be healthy because I believe whole-heartedly that I am capable of helping hundreds if not thousands in their journeys to health. This is to be one of the most important things I do in my lifetime.

 What is your favorite motivational quote?

 To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it. -Unknown

 What is your favorite exercise?

  love weight lifting. Seeing the weights increase and feeling the improvement in my body that isn’t scale related but work related is amazing!

 What was Jillian Michaels like? (This is a personal question for me because she is my hero!!)

 Jillian is a sweetheart and genius. She can peer into the depths of a person, see what is preventing us from moving forward and then address it, and personally the way she does this is a gift from God!

 What is your best piece of advice for anyone who is trying to lose weight?

 If you are in the midst of the goal to lose weight, then I would encourage you to dream of who and what you can be. Take a minute and dream of what you will be able to do, and how this change will drive a new source of energy in your life and relationships.

 How has the biggest loser changed your life?

 Everything in my life is different. I am a man, 24 years old, working full time for myself, and getting to help change peoples lives. I own my own business with my Dad, Ken Andrews, and we travel the US helping to encourage life change everywhere we go. Recently, I just self published my first short book, available on Amazon as an Ebook Also, I help run Faith based 60 Day Health Challenges with people from all over the Nation online. My dream never included this life, but I am happier than I ever dreamed.

Happy Monday Everyone!!


One thought on “Motivation Monday: Interview with Season 11 Biggest Loser Contestant Austin Andrews

  1. lee mccosker

    I am so proud of you, Lins. I thought your interview questions were right on target. I hope you get to meet Jilian Michels. She wil, be impressed Love, grandmom


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