This Is It: The moment we live for


How do you know when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone? You hear all these quotes saying “live life to your fullest,” well how do you know when you are?

I call it your “this is it” moment:   Your palms get sweaty; your heart is pumping out of your chest and the rush of adrenaline is so forceful you could pass out. That is the feeling you get right before your “this is it” moment. It is the moment in time when you are at your best. It is when you experience strength, perseverance, pride and everything you’ve worked so hard for. When you get to that moment where you think to yourself “welp, this is it” that’s when you know you have stepped out of your comfort zone and you are living life.

 Life is all about taking risks, creating memories and taking advantage of every opportunity. We weren’t put on this planet to just sail through life being ordinary. We were created to do amazing things and experience moments that bring out emotion.  It is important to feel emotion, whether good or bad because it’s what builds character. Our this is it moments that we build up to are what give us a reason to live and be great.

 Create your this is it moments and don’t stop working towards them. Take your passion and put forth that energy to the moment when you put everything to the test. Nothing is more rewarding then taking pride in your own hard work. Whether your this is it moment is right before a test that you’ve studied so hard for or right before you are about to take the stage in a school play. There are endless chances to create these moments that give you a rush and an important role in life. 

 Since I was little, my mother told me that every experience is “a chip in the jar.” Each chip symbolizes a new experience or opportunity. It is a motivation to create a life of fulfillment. It allows you to look back at your life and see all the opportunities you took, experiences you’ve had and all of your this is it moments that you endured.


“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.” – Albert Einstein



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