Motivation Monday! Get inspired with Marisol; an update and interview of her weight loss success.


For motivation Monday, I thought I would update you all on the progress Marisol has made since last blog I wrote about her. For those of you who haven’t read the previous blogs on Marisol, she is a client and a good friend of mine who has completely transformed herself inside and out. Her journey started in 2009 and today she stands at half her body weight, but more importantly she has totally transformed her life. Her confidence, capabilities and attitude about herself have totally transformed since I started with her 8 months ago. Once she realized what she could do, there was no turning. Every day she pushes herself to a new challenge, always trying to better herself.  She surpasses what I expect of her and she won’t stop until she has given 200%. She is a true example of inspiration, motivation and resilience.

 I want everyone to know that you can take control of your life if you just believe in yourself and take that first step out of your comfort zone. Do this for you and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. You’re worth a healthy and fulfilled life. There will be struggles but there is no progress without a struggle. I thought I would interview Marisol so she could share her journey to a new life. I hope she can inspire you to make a change and take your power back.

What keeps you motivated? When you feel like you are about to give up, what keeps you going?

I remember how miserable I was at 265lbs not just my appearance but I always tired, hungry, scared, embarrassed and most of all unhealthy. I spent hours on hair & makeup to try and keep the focus off my weight…. I also keep a before rebirth picture available at all times.

 Why did you begin your journey to weight loss? What was your reason to make a change?

I was borderline for so many illness’s :diabetes, hypertension and heart attack waiting to happen. I was lucky I turned it around. If I didn’t change I wouldn’t be able to see my kids grow up or if I did I didn’t want to be sitting in a wheel chair because of my weight!

If you could tell your old self something, what would it be?

Why didn’t you put yourself 1st a long time ago.. The family would have understood, it’s ok to be a little selfish & do you 1st for once! So just do it no excuses!

 How has your weight loss success changed your life?

Omg, it’s changed me in every aspect of my life, where to begin. I am the healthiest, fittest and happiest I’ve ever been!! I have changed my entire household eating habits & physical activity. I have started my children on the right way of eating & taking care of their body not just the exterior but the interior.  We have a new way of clean eating & living, no longer on a diet!

 What piece of advice do you have for people that are struggling with their weight loss journey?

Take that first scary step to help yourself, its ok. Baby steps are just as good as big steps just give yourself the opportunity

 What is your greatest accomplishment since your weight loss?

I can work out and really enjoy it, not worry about who’s watching me. I take chances and challenge myself in the gym. I’m not consumed with what others think or how they perceive me. I’m comfortable in my body!! I’m happier, healthier and so is my family!

 What are some of your future goals?

To tone as much as possible, run a 5k, do a pull up, toes to bar, double unders.

Happy Monday! Stay healthy everyone!!


One thought on “Motivation Monday! Get inspired with Marisol; an update and interview of her weight loss success.

  1. Victoria Rivera

    This is my auntie so proud of how far she has come in her journey to better health.i see how happy she is since she’s started working with you Lindsey.she is always ready to share a workout plan or healthy meal recipe she has made.she motivates me so much.i hope to be as persistent and goal oriented as her.

    To titi mari! I love you so much! You look amazing and Im astounded as to how much progress you have made within these few is the limit!! Muahh! Xoxo


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