CrossFit; Dont Knock It Till You Try It

Okay, I am going to try to stay as neutral and unbiased as possible while writing this blog. I wasn’t going to even touch this controversial topic but felt the need to share my opinion on the debated subject. I at least have to give the negative commentaries a run for its money. To be fair, before I started CrossFit I was tempted by the negative rumors. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from all this, whether it’s CrossFit or something else is:  don’t knock it till you try it. So with an open mind, let’s take a look at the top comments you will hear from an anti-Crossfitter. I will mostly debunk the comments by sharing my own experience, but I am sure other Cross-fitters that read this will 100% agree with me. So shall we begin to agree to disagree?

1. “CrossFit is a cult.”

I am going to start with this one because it is the only one that I could have anticipated. Why do people refer to CrossFit as a cult? What even is a cult? defines it as an organization with different and innovative beliefs and practices. Well, if you put it that way, yeah I guess it is a cult. It is an organization of people. People, or athletes if you will, that are courageous, resilient, motivated and some of the most passionate people I have ever met. In order to endure the tasks of CrossFit you have to possess these certain qualities that represent everything that someone’s best self should have. It is a cult of people that believe in hard work, comradery, and dedication. Every day is a practice of strength, physically and mentally. Failure is an everyday occurrence for these people because if you don’t go till failure, you will never progress. Cross-fitters have a bond; a passion for fitness and bettering themselves. So in response to the idea of CrossFit being a cult, I couldn’t agree more.

 2. “Cross-Fitters are cliquey and cocky

I think there is a bit of a mix up between being cocky and being confident. Cocky is someone who thinks they are better than someone else. Being confident is someone who believes in themselves and has self-determination. Just because athletes show pride in their hard work doesn’t mean they are full of themselves. To be unbiased, there are definitely those people who act like they are better than everyone, but honestly who cares? Let them be that way, don’t let it affect you because you determine your own attitude and success.  Also to be fair, I was lucky to find a great CrossFit gym (North Haven CrossFit woot woot!) Whether you’re a competitor or not, people respect you and encourage you to do your best.  In life you are always going to find people who are demeaning but don’t let their attitude affect yours.  In terms of being cliquey, yes it is cliquey but how can you use that against CrossFit when there are cliques everywhere in life. If you can find a place where there aren’t cliques, please let me know.  

 3. “CrossFit is for people that have to be the best at working out”

This one makes me laugh. How is CrossFit any different from any other sport? You’re part of a team, you practice skills every day and you compete? I played basketball my entire life and after college I missed being part of a team. CrossFit has given me that sense of team again.  I can take my passion for fitness and do something with it. I go to CrossFit because I want to get better at something, not to be the best at something. I go to CrossFit because I feed off the energy of people that have the same passion and goal as me. I go to CrossFit to be a part of a team, to encourage others and to learn from them. I go because when I leave I leave feeling accomplished and confident that I am better than I was yesterday. I don’t go to CrossFit to be the best at working out, I go to CrossFit to be the best version of myself, inside and outside of the gym.

4. “CrossFit is dangerous and bad for your body.”

Because CrossFit is still so new, it has the rep of being dangerous. Lifting heavy weights over our heads = bad…right? It could be dangerous if you don’t do it the right way. But with proper form, our bodies were meant to lift heavy things. Putting stress on our bodies is crucial for building strong bones and muscle. It has so many benefits physically and mentally. I can’t say the same for sitting on the couch though. So for those who say “CrossFit is bad for your body,” so is sitting on your butt. Also, people get concussions all the time in football but you don’t see people panelizing the sport.  Yeah, there will always be that idiot that tries to be the hero and lift more weight than he/she should, but that’s their choice. No one is forcing you to lift something you aren’t physically capable of doing. So if you have good coaches, use proper form and are smart about what you’re doing, CrossFit is no more dangerous than any other sport.

Even though I am an advocate for CrossFit, it still might not be for you. What I am trying to say is people shouldn’t be negative towards something they haven’t tried. This goes for anything in life. How can you be negative about something if you have no reason, no personal experience to be negative about it? Most likely people are negative about something because they are either too scared to go outside of their comfort zone or just don’t understand it.  But to end this, all I have to say is: don’t knock it till you try it!!


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