Motivation Monday: Read this motivational story about the amazing transformation of my client Marisol Bruno

Meet Marisol! She is the most motivated and committed woman I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Since 2009, Marisol has dropped almost half of her body weight. She and I started training about 3 months ago. When I started working with her I was already blown away by the progress she had made on her own and had no doubt that she was going to continue to impress me. The first day I met her we sat down to talk about her goals and what I could do for her. Like most of my clients, she threw out her magical number. Her goal weight was very realistic and achievable, but because I had seen what she had already done on her own, I wanted more from her. Weight is just a number that we all become so fixated on.  I wanted her to dig deeper and think about the things that would bring more meaning to her.  She said to me, “I want to be able to fit into high knee boots!”  I laughed because still to this day I have trouble shoving my calves into high knee boots (I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that!) Tell me more, I said, what else have you always wanted to be able to do?? I told her about my dream goal after my weight loss of being able to run a 5k.  Right away she looked at me like I was crazy and told me she had never run before. I promised her we would be running 5k’s in less than 3 months (I think I may have scared her a little at the time!) After our consultation we started our first workout with a few fitness tests. I made her do basic push-ups, sit-ups and step ups on a bench. She had lost over 100 pounds already but she didn’t seem to have mentally accepted it. I could tell she was intimidated by the fitness test exercises I made her do.  One in particular was the bench step up. Holding her hand she stepped up on the bench placed on two risers. After we finished our workout I sat down and started mapping out how I was going to break her out of her shell and gain the confidence she deserves.
We planned to train three times a week. Starting from day one, Marisol gave me 150% every single time. I knew she wanted this. She was so motivated and really understood the workouts I was giving her. On the days we didn’t train together she was in the gym working her butt off. She had made this a part of her lifestyle and there was no turning back for her. We designated each training day to a specific workout so we could see improvements. Mondays we do strength training circuits, Wednesdays we do treadmill work and Thursdays we do kickboxing. It has been 3 months since we started and I am now working with a whole new Marisol.
On Mondays along with our strength training circuits, we work on step ups on the bench. I had to prove to her that she could do it if she believed she could. Each week I would increase the height until I realized she was ready to advance. We started doing box jumps beginning with one riser on each side. Each week I add another riser, sometimes 2. She is now up to 9 risers on each side.  I always believed in her, but now I can finally see that she believes in herself. This was a huge milestone for Marisol.
On Tuesdays we do treadmill work. We started with interval training where she would go 3 minutes at a slow walking pace followed by 20 seconds at a light jog. The first mile she ever ran took her 18 minutes. She is now running 5k’s (3.1 miles) averaging 12 minute miles. This was an even bigger milestone for her.
On Thursdays we do kickboxing. We started with 20 second rounds of punching with 1 minute of rest. She is now doing 1 minute rounds of punching and she is doing it with 10 times the power she started with. Each day she gets stronger physically, but most importantly mentally. With this new confidence, she pushes herself more than ever; the sky is her limit now.
Now I can’t say I am responsible for her progress she has made so far in the 3 months I’ve been working with her. I didn’t do the work for her; she has succeeded on her own. I may have given her the encouragement she needed to make her realize what she could do, but she achieved those milestones all on her own. (And with flying colors I might add!) She is so motivating and inspiring and I hope this will motivate others to go outside their comfort zones. Everyone has the ability to be a rock star and Marisol is living proof that anything is possible with determination and dedication. I can’t wait to see what other milestones she achieves in the future. She is truly a rockstar. 
“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

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