Jillian Michaels Body Shred Experience!!


Meeting Jillian Michaels and working out with her was such an amazing experience. I was so lucky to take a picture with her and receive a hug and a kiss on the cheek!! This is the work out she made us do. It took 30 minutes to complete all circuits with no breaks in between. She definitely kicked my bum!!! For the sake of performing each exercise more accurately, take 20 second of rest in between each circuit. I wore my calorie counter for the entire workout. I burned 430 calories during the 30 minutes of exercise. For the next 30 minutes after I completed the exercise I burned another 200 calories trying to recover my heart rate! If you are looking for a great workout to torch calories, this is the workout for you!!!

3-2-1 workout: 3 minutes resistance training, 2 min cardio, 1 min abs

Warm-up (4 min)

  1. Cat-cow stretch
  2. Opposite arm, opposite foot bent over toe touches
  3. High knees
  4. Jumping jacks
  5. Windmill arm circles-forward and backwards

Circuit 1:

Resistance exercise 1: Walk out push-ups (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 2: Lunge with circle chop (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 3: Static squat with a row (30 sec)

Cardio 1: Side to side Skater jumps (30 sec)

Cardio 2: Burpees (30 sec)

Abs exercise: Reaching side oblique crunch (30 sec)

(Repeat circuit)

Circuit 2:

Resistance exercise 1: Cross over lunge with chest press outs (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 2: Take a bow (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 3: Squat with front shoulder raises (30 sec)

Cardio 1: Plank Jacks (30 sec)

Cardio 2: Reverse plank crab kicks (30 sec)

Abs exercise: Side plank with opposite arm opposite leg crunch (30 sec)

(Repeat circuit)

Circuit 3:

Resistance exercise 1: One leg squat with bicep curl (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 2: Crescent pose triceps kickbacks (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 3: Warrior pose with reverse fly (30 sec)

Cardio 1: Hanging mountain climbers (30 sec)

Cardio 2: Mogul side burpee jumps (30 sec)

Abs: Starfish sprawl crunch (30 sec)

(Repeat circuit)

Circuit 4:

Resistance exercise 1: One legged bridge with chest flies (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 2: Supermans (30 sec)

Resistance exercise 3: Reverse plank with leg lifts (30 sec)

Cardio 1: High knees (30 sec)

Cardio 2: Rock star jumps (30 sec)

Abs exercise 1: Bicycles (30 sec)

Abs exercise 2: Flutter kicks (30 sec)



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