Oldies Spin Playlist (I call it my Time Machine playlist!)


Warm up-Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys (3:37)

Standing run to sprint in saddle-Footloose by Kenny Loggins (3:46)

Start in a Standing run with resistance on level 3 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being your MAX resistance), when the chorus comes on, sprint in the saddle. Then come back up into standing run until the next chorus.

Jumps counts of 4-Shout by The Isley Brothers (4:27)

Jump from the saddle to standing position 2 to climbing position 3 with beats of 4 during the chorus, rest in between the “shouts” chorus.

Tempo Climb- Stayin Alive by The Bee Gees (4:45)

Start in climbing position 3 with resistance at level 3 (on a scale of 1-10), during the chorus get low in a hover position, isolating your leg muscles to do all the work. Keep your core tight and make sure youre breathing. Explain to them that the tempo part of the song your head is bouncing up and down but when you come into the hover during the chorus your upper body is still and youre using only your leg muscles and core to do the work. This is a good strengthening exercise!

 Climb in saddle- Beat it by Michael Jackson (4:19)

Start in the saddle with resistance at level 2 (on a scale of 1-10), every 30 seconds increase resistance up a level. There should be 8 total increases. When you get to level 5 come up into a standing climb.

Standing run in 2nd to sprint in 3rd- Walking on the sunshine by Aly & AJ (3:53)

Start in a standing run on level 2 resistance. When chorus comes on, sprint in 3rd.

Jumps counts of 4- Shipping off to Boston by Dropkick Murphys (2:34)

Jumping from saddle to standing 2nd to climbing 3rd counts of 4. Rest during instrumental break. Keep resistance on a level 3-4.

Tempo Climb- Hey Ya by Outkast (4:10)

(same thing as the other climb) Start in 3rd with 2 full turns on, during chorus get down in a hover in position 3 (3rd). After each hover, add an increase.

Climb in 2nd to 3rd-Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (4:03)

Start in standing 2nd with 2 full turns of resistance. Every 30 seconds add another increase. It is a 4 minute song so there will be 8 total increases. Start increases a minute into the song.

Jumps counts of 4 with sprint during chorus-Im a Believer by Smash Mouth (3:03)

Counts of 4 jumps from saddle to standing 2nd. When the chorus comes on, wherever you are in the sequence stay there and sprint it out. Then continue on with the jumps until the next chorus. There are 3 total sprints in the song.

3-30 second sprints- Lets Go by Neyo (3:46)

(I know I am breaking my oldies pattern but I always end with this song) Each chorus is a 30 second sprint and there are 3 of them. Let them know it is the last song so go all out!!!

Cool down- Piano Man by Billy Joel (5:36)

 **This playlist is good for a 45 minute class, it is about 48 minutes with the warm up and cool down. Let me now what you all think!!!!**



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