How well do you take care of your car; why our bodies are like cars

Ask yourself this question: why do you take care of your car? You might say it’s because you want it to look nice or you spend 50% of your paycheck on it. Most of you would say because you don’t want it to (excuse my French) shit the bed. Because what happens when it breaks down or there are problems with it? We spend MORE money and boy, it can get real expensive! So now what are some of the things you do to take care of your car so it stays healthy, runs smoothly and stays out of the shop? Well for one we go to the car wash to keep it clean and wash off all the crap that gets on it throughout the day. We get oil changes to make sure our engine doesn’t blow. We fill it with the right kind of gasoline when our tank is close to empty (or in my case until empty) so that it runs smoothly and doesn’t harm the engine. We let our cars warm-up before we begin driving, especially in the cold winter. We conserve gas by putting cruise control because the more we rev the engine the more gas we are using. Basically if we abuse our car and don’t take care of it, it will eventually stop working. My point is taking care of your car is important to sustain a reliable and long-lasting car.

So now ask yourself this question: why do you take care of yourself? You might say it’s because you want to have good hygiene, look good and not spend 50% of your paycheck on health insurance. Starting to pick up what I’m putting down?? If you think about it, our bodies are like cars in terms of the way we take care of them, why we take care of them and how they run. If we don’t take care of our bodies, our bodies start to resent us. It starts to shut down and we end up at the doctors or hospitals spending thousands of dollars to treat or in car terms “fix” ourselves. If we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us and we won’t have to pay as much for the doctor appointment fees, or ambulance trips. To keep our immune systems strong and avoid getting sick, we need to make sure we rid all of the germs that build up throughout the day by washing our hands and showering in our own car wash! We monitor our “engine” to make sure our health is stable in terms of blood pressures, glucose levels and cholesterol. Most importantly we fill up our bodies with the right fuel to sustain our bodies’ functions. Because if we don’t have fuel, we don’t have the energy to run and heat energy is what fuels our body, the same way gasoline fuels energy for your car. Before we exercise, we have to warm up to avoid injuring ourselves especially in the winter when our tendons and ligaments are stiff. If we wait to fuel our bodies till its empty, we may run out of gas and won’t be able to function properly. The more rev up our bodies with intense exercise, the faster we use up fuel. The more we use and abuse our bodies without proper care, the more complications we create. My point is, taking care of your body is important to live a healthy and life of longevity.

The last point I want to make is that if we can take care of our cars, we certainly can take care of ourselves. There are no excuses to not keep up with our health because if we don’t, a lot of money, hassle and time will be wasted on fixing it. And I don’t want to hear “being healthy is too expensive” because you know what else is expensive?? Getting sent to the emergency room for health complications. So think of it as an investment in your future and keep those engines running smoothlyJ


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