Its all about balance!


Living a healthy life is all about balance. You have to learn how to walk a line between self-denial and self-indulgence. It’s the middle ground between the two that offers the best foundation on which to build your new life. Denying yourself little pleasures such as the occasional glass of wine or chocolate truffle will only make you feel deprived, frustrated, and ultimately hopeless about maintaining your discipline. You are less likely to give into temptation if it isn’t totally forbidden. This is where moderation is key..

There’s room for all foods, no matter how “bad” they are; it’s just a matter of being aware and careful of how often you eat them and how much. It’s fine to have a piece of cake now and then — just not every day, and not the whole cake.In time you can adapt so that small amounts of “cheat” foods will not set you off on a binge.

Remember there’s no such thing as a life time of dieting, healthy eating has to become part of your lifestyle.


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